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Want to have School Robes made? Here's how.

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Want to have School Robes made? Here's how. Empty Want to have School Robes made? Here's how.

Post by yvaine on 2009-06-15, 13:50

DISCLAIMER: You do not need School Robes to join Hogwarts Phils. You may need them for certain events, but if you don't have one, that doesn't mean you can't be an active member of the group.

I'm posting this on behalf of Monsieur Malkin:

Hello PHPers!

Nice to be back at the Hogwarts Philippines Castle! I've been on hiatus since the DH book release, but I've decided to come back, and I believe this is the appropriate time.

The good news: I'm back to provide robes for (almost) all occasions! Very Happy

However, please take note of the following:

First: I can only accommodate HP movie-inspired School Robes for now. The particular design I'm referring to is the School Robe seen from Prisoner of Azkaban to Order of the Phoenix.

1. The robes are prominently black in color,
2. The primary House color serves as its lining:
2.1 Gryffindor - Maroon
2.2 Hufflepuff - Canary Yellow
2.3 Ravenclaw - Navy Blue
2.4 slytherin - Emerald Green
3. There is a patch on the left chest that symbolizes the House crest/shield/coat-of-arms.
4. The School Robes are long-sleeved and very loose.
5. The School Robes are floor length, proportionate to the wearer's height.
6. There is a hood, but it's NOT pointed like in the movies.

Additional Features by Malkin's:

1. There is an inside left chest pocket. This feature is already present on the previous School robes. You can use this for your small items (wallet, cellphone, etc.)
2. For the upcoming batch of School Robes, there will be a VERY slight visual difference in the patches compared to the previous ones.

Second: the PRICE. Malkin's had to increase the price to PhP1,600 (Previous price was PhP1000, July 2007). Materials and labor costs had significant effects on the price change.

Third: terms of payment. Before we start with production of your School Robe, you must provide Malkin's with downpayment. Collection of downpayment (minimum of 50%, equal to PhP800) could be done in two ways:

1. Personally pay me in School Robes Measurement Accios, or
2. Through my personal bank account (details available upon request)

Reasons behind requesting a downpayment:

1. I want to ensure the client's intent to acquire the School Robes.

Previous encounters with clients convinced me to implement this. There were a lot of very enthusiastic members, but the same enthusiasm evaporated when it was time to dish out the Galleons. Sometimes the Client disappeared, despite several attempts to reach them through mobile owls. Young Clients may have the desire, but not necessarily the Galleons. One parent actually contacted me that I shouldn't accommodate the order of the child, because the said child doesn't have the necessary Galleons.

2. Security for both the client and Malkin's.

The client will be ensured that the School Robes will be made and delivered. On the other hand, I will be ensured that I don't have to shell out the Galleons all the time and be left with abandoned School Robes because of situations previously discussed (See #1 above).

-Monsieur Malkin

If you have any questions, please visit THIS THREAD.

Monsieur Malkin will be posting instructions on how to take your own measurements, just in case you can't make it to the Measurement Accios.

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