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HP Movie Costumes at ToyCon 2011

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HP Movie Costumes at ToyCon 2011 Empty HP Movie Costumes at ToyCon 2011

Post by yvaine on 2011-06-13, 15:44

Warner Bros. Philippines has informed us that they're bringing in 4 HP movie costumes from London for exhibit at ToyCon 2011 at Megamall this weekend. They'll be having a Harry costume, a Luna costume, a Bellatrix costume, and a quidditch ensemble on display. And yes, these were used during the filming!

So before you visit the Magnavision Roadshow at Eastwood this weekend (and please do! we need 3 more volunteers for Friday, too.), you can pass by ToyCon to take a look at the costumes.

For more information, please visit the official ToyCon 2011 website.
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