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HBP Music Video, The Ending, and A Refresher Course

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HBP Music Video, The Ending, and A Refresher Course Empty HBP Music Video, The Ending, and A Refresher Course

Post by yvaine on 2009-07-15, 10:39

Warner Bros. Phils. sent us these links to a music video that was made specifically for "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince". This debuted recently on MTV.com. You can download the file using any of the links below, choose your preferred format, then Right-Click and Save-As. If that doesn't work, you can also use a downloader program like Orbit Downloader.

Windows Media (asx): High | Medium | Low | Mini (iPod)
Quicktime (mov): High | Medium | Low | Mini (iPod)

Thank you to Warner Bros. Phils.!


MTV Movies spoke with HBP director, David Yates, and he discussed the tricky nature of adapting the 6th book. He also talked a bit about the ending of the film, and a scene that was never shot: (spoiler warning if you haven't seen the film)

“We had the funeral in the script at one point and it was a really strange experience. But after the courtyard scene and Dumbledore’s died, it felt like going to the funeral just felt like we were suffering from ending-itis. It felt like another end. In a book you can enjoy that journey but in the rhythm of a darkened cinema, it felt like the right place to end”

Click HERE to read the entire article. [Spoiler Warning!]


Film School Rejects has an excellent Movie Watchers' Guide to the Harry Potter Universe for those who are not too familiar about the series and need a refresher. Click HERE to read the article.

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